Stacey Barclay is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer & Kundalini Meditation & Breathwork teacher. She has an adventurous soul that is passionate about the world and everyone in it. From being a devoted earthling, to a follower of the moon she can normally be found in the grass with a book & a cup of tea in hand.

After spending years studying a plethora of different healing modalities it became apparent to her just how many of us are disconnected - from those around us, the earth beneath us & from our own selves

Her intention is to assist others by sharing practices that can help realign us with ourselves and the earth. 

She offers a space for healing the Body, Mind & Soul

Sacred Moon Botanicals is a small batch botanical shop based out of the mountains near Vancouver, BC. It uses 100% plant based ingredients to form body, mind & soul medicine. Created as a way to bring people back in touch with the earth and all of her healing magic. It allows for a deeper understanding of how the plants, the earth & the moon impact our lives.

Each individual creation is intended to help reconnect you with the surrounding natural world, encompassed within them the art of self care rituals.