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Cacao has been used traditionally throughout South & Central America for thousands of years

as a way to connect deeper into the heart space. Unlike some plant medicines, cacao does not produce a hallucinogenic experience. The spirit of this plant focuses on a more subtle level of inner shifts and expansions.


By opening the heart, cacao allows one to connect to their truest self. Providing space to process and release blockages, while realigning with the medicine we hold within. Cacao circles help us to turn inwards, learn more about ourselves and explore our paths.

Sourcing and honouring culture is of extreme importance to me. All of the cacao that is offered in circles comes layered with many relationships, from the growing, to the harvesting, to the packing and the shipping. The cacao currently being offered comes from Oaxaca, Mexico from the villages of La Chinantla and Chimalapa. It is grown on small family properties by dear friends Ruth and Ervit and harvested twice a year between November - December and April - May.

What is a Cacao Circle?

Gathering together for this circle invites the spirit of cacao to guide us inwards. From this sacred space, we sip cacao, share wisdom, explore sound healing + meditation, connect to our creativity & receive clarity + healing. These circles are held once a month as an opportunity to gather in community. 


Set an intention for the circle a few days prior

Drink plenty of water the day before, the day of and the day after the circle 

Pay attention to your nightly dreams prior to and following the circle for symbols and connections to your intention 

What to bring

Items for comfort such as a blanket, pillow, yoga mat, socks

A journal and pen 

Water bottle 

Any special items you would like to place at the center of the circle such as crystals, figurines, photos

Your favourite mug 

Cacao For Personal Practice 

If you have ever attended any of my cacao circles, you know I am incredibly passionate about properly sourcing cacao. I have travelled to many of the countries cacao grows in, from Peru to Costa Rica to Mexico. This includes meeting and developing relationships with the folks who grow and harvest cacao I have offered since starting my circles in 2019. Aspects such as growing practices, honouring Indigenous culture + tradition and supporting small local businesses are essential when choosing the plants to sit with in a healing capacity.

This past October, I spent some time in Oaxaca, Mexico and connected with two incredible humans, Ruth and Ervit. Their small business, Chimalapa, grows and harvests cacao on family farms in the Oaxacan State. They then alchemize the cacao into various offerings, including pure cacao, spiced blends, cacao nibs and chocolate bars. Ruth and Ervit's traditional ties, passion and knowledge of cacao inspired me to bring cacao back to Canada, not only for my circles but also to share with others interested in developing a personal practice with this medicine.



This medicine is 100% Traditional Cacao (Forestero variety) in 500g bags, which will create approximately 15 - 20 cups. Each 500g package is $70 - this price honours the energy Ruth and Ervit place into every step of their small business. Slow, intentional practices are necessary when working with plants, the land and the people who grow them - I do not ask for or receive bulk pricing.



Most of the first shipment I have received has homes already! However, if you are interested in placing your name on the list for one, please send me an email.

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