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"When women hear those words, (WILD and WOMAN) an old, old memory is stirred and brought back to life. The memory is of our absolute, undeniable, and irrevocable kinship with the wild feminine, a relationship which may have become ghostly from neglect, buried by over-domestication, outlawed by the surrounding culture, or no longer understood anymore. We may have forgotten her names, we may not answer when she calls ours, but in our bones we know her, we yearn toward her; we know she belongs to us and we to her."


Clarissa Pinkola Estés



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"To find her, it is necessary for women to return to their instinctive lives, their deepest knowing. So, let us push on now, and remember ourselves back to the wild soul. Let us sing her flesh back onto our bones. Shed any false coats we have been given. Don the true coat of powerful instinct and knowing. Infiltrate the psychic lands that once belonged to us. Unfurl the bandages, ready the medicine. Let us return now, wild women howling, laughing, singing up The One who loves us so. 


For us the issue is simple. Without us, Wild Woman dies. Without Wild Woman, we die. Para Vida, for true life, both must live."

Clarissa Pinkola Estés



I am beyond excited to be pairing up with my dearest teacher, mentor and friend Melanie O'Leary for a soul nourishing weekend at Loon Lake Retreat Centre.


In this space you are invited to step out of your everyday life.... immersing yourself in nature and connecting in community for 3 days and 2 nights.

There will be plenty of time to heal, connect, relax, recharge and create.
Throughout the weekend we will be diving deep into earth wisdom and archetypal themes presented in the book Women Who Run with the Wolves.

This offering will be taking place at Loon Lake Lodge & Retreat Centre, located on a private lake in Maple Ridge, BC. Here we will be immersed in outdoor components and cozy cabin-style accommodations.


Weekend Unfolding

Deep Exploration of a chapter from the book

Sacred Art Creation



Time in Nature

Nourishing Meals

And More!


Archetypal Themes 


La Loba 

"There is an old woman who lives in a hidden place that everyone knows but few have ever seen. The old one, The One Who Knows, is within us. She thrives in the deepest soul-psyche of women, the ancient and vital wild Self. Her home is that place in time where the spirit of women and the spirit of wolf meet—the place where mind and instincts mingle, where a woman's deep life funds her mundane life."

Singing Over the Bones 

"We all begin as a bundle of bones lost somewhere in a desert, a dismantled skeleton that lies under the sand. It is our work to recover the parts. It is a painstaking process best done when the shadows are just right, for it takes much looking. La Loba indicates what we are to look for—the indestructible life force, the bones.


This is our meditation practice as women, calling back the dead and dismembered aspects of ourselves, calling back the dead and dismembered aspects of life itself."

Clarissa Pinkola Estés



This retreat is shared accomdations (bunk beds) + requires you to BYOL - Bring Your Own Linens

Investment for this offering includes all meals (plant-based options available), art/creating supplies, ceremonial cacao, access to outdoor equipment (canoes, paddles boards), tea & snacks and more!





The investment for this offering is $650.

A deposit of $300 is due at the time of booking. The reminder is due by February 15th,

Payment plan options are available please reach out if you would like to set one up!


*Please note that we will not be offering refunds on deposits.

The deposit will hold your space for the retreat.*


Time Investment - Arrival will be between 4:30 - 5pm on March 3rd.

The weekend will come to a close on March 5th around 1:30 pm.

Weekend Facilitators


Melanie O'Leary (she/her)

Born and raised into the farmlands and forests of Northern British Columbia, Melanie is no stranger to the mysteries of the wild, the whisper of the forests and the careful tending required to produce what nourishes us. In between these old cycles of birth and death, a gentle spirit was nourished with the perfect blend of curiosity, old knowing and wild tending. Her connection to creativity and deep relationship with the land, flowed gently and generously.

Like every old story that has somehow earned its keep, somewhere along the way, she got lost. In order to make her way home, she would have to learn to navigate in the dark, move beyond the seductions of the distracted, and cultivate the healing medicine for the sting of her wounds. Melanie learned that the path to uncovering and embodying one’s own personal medicine, came from facing the darkness of her own life and healing the wound that held the seed. By reconnecting and nurturing the relationships to herself, to mother earth and to her guides, they became the soil that allowed the seed to grow. She bloomed as woman of the generous heart, weaver of the healing womb wisdom, initiator of women still uninitiated, communicator to the soul.


Mother, Midwife, Medicine Maker, Soul Crafter, Land Tender, Partner, Healer, Teacher.

Combining contemporary and traditional wisdom, Melanie remains committed to preserving ancestral wisdom traditions by restoring myth, creativity, ceremony, rites of passage and animistic medicine within her healing practice.



Stacey Barclay (she/her)

I am obsessed with tea & spend an abnormal amount of time reading. I think nature is my greatest medicine and that music & dancing is an underrated cure for everything. I love taking naps, preferably in the grass & I consider popcorn to be its own separate food group. I deem traveling to be one of my main sources for healing & have been to 15+ countries over the past 10 years. I feel - a l o t - however, this superpower has shown me that we are much more connected than we are separated.

I am a circle facilitator, somatic movement & meditation guide and clinical counsellor in training. The wisdom I have gathered on this path has been from many incredible mentors and space holders, to which I am tremendously grateful. I am a devoted earthling who considers mama earth to be my greatest teacher & I am also extremely human, which means, that I am fascinated by all of the things that make us so unique & intertwined with this planet.

𝑀𝑌 𝐼𝑁𝑇𝐸𝑁𝑇𝐼𝑂𝑁 Is to provide a space where the human experience ishonoured, embracing not only the light but also the dark while reconnecting the body, mind, and soul.


After spending years studying a plethora of different healing modalities it became apparent to me just how many of us are disconnected - from those around us, the earth beneath us & from our own selves. In sharing practices and creating community I hope to help others align with their truest selves and reconnect to their own innate ability to heal.

We both look forward to connecting and holding space with you




If you have any questions or seek additional information
please connect via email