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We believe that life doesn’t happen to us, but instead can happen for us.

What we mean by this is that as humans we often call in the lessons we are ready to learn. While sometimes the lessons we are faced with within our lives are challenging and painful, in each moment we have the capacity to gather wisdom and tap deeper into our truest selves.

What happens when we are given the opportunity to look within and connect to each and every piece of ourselves? When we are given the space to see the lessons we have called in, that support our growth, expansion, and remembering in this life? We are provided with the freedom to turn our wounds into wisdom that we can then carry forward in this life.


Yet, it’s not always that simple. This perspective doesn’t happen with the flip of a switch. But, with thoughtful intentions, awareness, and community all of us have the ability for this type of understanding and expansion.




This one-day gathering was created to support your Journey Within. To hold a community container for each of you to explore aspects of yourself, to be engaged with practices that help you to connect deeper within, and to share space with like-minded individuals who are also on a path into growth and discovery.


We will be taking a journey into the lands within, exploring and expanding ourselves with Movement, Conscious Connected Breathwork, Nourishing Food, Cacao Ceremony, Rituals & various connection practices.


This offering will be taking place on a beautiful piece of land just outside of Maple Ridge in Whonnock, here we will be immersed in outdoor components, as well as ceremony inside a magical Maloka.


Join us as we step into a Journey Within!

Here’s what you can expect

Opening Circle where we settle into the land and connect with each other

Intentional Movement to foster a connection to self & start our journey inwards

Diads to breakdown barriers and connect with others while tapping into our senses

A Breathwork Journey (Conscious Connected Breathwork) to support you in connecting with your true self and others. This practice involves a rhythmic, circular pattern, an inhale + exhale through the mouth. When we consciously control our breathing pattern, we are able to access deep states of consciousness, tapping into our subconscious.

Refreshments to provide nourishment and grounding with snacks & beverages

Cacao Ceremony & Sound Bath to release, integrate and further tap into our inner wisdom


Space for this offering will be kept small to allow for deeper connection and intimacy.



The investment for this offering is $222

A deposit of $111 is required and

the remaining amount can be paid prior to the event or with cash on the day of the event.


*If you are looking for additional support including a payment plan

please do not hesitate to reach out -

Your Facilitators


Hello, I’m Sharaya (she/her)


I’m inspired by the connection of our physical bodies, emotions, and energy systems. I have worked in the area of scoliosis care as a physiotherapist for numerous years, I have observed a strong link between how emotions and experiences impact physical function. Early last year, as I was going through numerous personal and professional shifts, I found myself in a conscious connected breathwork class. During that class, I instantly knew this modality was one I needed to dive deeper into for my own healing and the missing piece to my practice. 


As a teenager, I was a competitive Irish Dancer. It was my exposure to physiotherapy then and it was the catalyst that inspired my career path. Since that time I have gone through professional shifts and personal healing through movement, breathwork, and other holistic modalities. With my most significant personal expansion through exploring and healing my own wounds with breathwork. My own personal healing journey created a shift in my perspective and my profession. Continuing to learn more about myself has supported me in better understanding the role of our programming, experiences, and emotions play in how we feel in our minds and bodies. 


I am passionate about community connection. My practice is located in North Vancouver and offers holistic physiotherapy services, including conscious connected breathwork. Recently, I’ve been expanding my offerings into workshops and retreats as a way for me to continue learning, holding space for others and to connect with others on their journeys. 



My name is Stacey Barclay (she/her)

I am obsessed with tea & spend an abnormal amount of time reading. I think nature is my greatest medicine and that music & dancing is an underrated cure for everything. I love taking naps, preferably in the grass & I consider popcorn to be its own separate food group. I deem traveling to be one of my main sources for healing & have been to 15+ countries over the past 10 years. I feel - a l o t - however, this superpower has shown me that we are much more connected than we are separated.⠀⠀⠀⠀

I am an intuitive energy reader, ceremony facilitator, kundalini meditation & yoga teacher. The wisdom I have gathered on this path has been from many incredible mentors and space holders, to which I am tremendously grateful. I am a devoted earthling who considers mama earth to be my greatest teacher & I am also extremely human, which means, that I am fascinated by all of the things that make us so unique & intertwined with this planet. ⠀

𝑀𝑌 𝐼𝑁𝑇𝐸𝑁𝑇𝐼𝑂𝑁: Is to provide a space where the human experience is
honoured, embracing not only the light but also the dark while reconnecting the body, mind, and soul. After spending years studying a plethora of different healing modalities it became apparent to me just how many of us are disconnected - from those around us, the earth beneath us & from our own selves. In sharing practices, classes, ceremonies, and community I hope to help others align with their truest selves and reconnect to their own innate ability to heal.


What is Conscious Connected Breathwork?

Conscious Connected Breathwork is one of the many types of breathwork.

This type of breathwork is transformation. This practice involves a rhythmic, circular pattern, an inhale + exhale through the mouth. When we consciously control our breathing pattern, we are able to access deep states of consciousness, tapping into our subconscious. Here we can access our unprocessed emotions and programming as a way for us to heal.  

Our conscious thought happens in our prefrontal cortex. This is where our ego exists. At times it is challenging to quiet our thoughts and connect to our body and find that place of unconditional self-love.

This healing modality allows us to create intentional separation from our thoughts, our ego. Physiologically, we are safely changing the pH of our blood which decreases blood flow to our prefrontal cortex (our conscious mind) and we are able to tap into our limbic system (part of our subconscious mind). With this modality, we are able to quiet our minds and connect to our inner wisdom.

Our subconscious breathing pattern tells a story. 

As part of life, we will encounter experiences that will cause us to ebb and flow in our ability to find a sense of calm and self-love. Breathwork is one way that can support our ability to connect to our bodies, find a place of self-love, safely explore our wounds and nourish our nervous system. 

When you are open to receiving, there is a bounty of benefits that you may experience, which Sharaya will share during this retreat.



What is a Cacao Ceremony? 

A Journey to the Heart. Cacao has been used ceremonially throughout South & Central America for thousands of years as a way to connect deeper into the heart space.

Unlike some plant medicines, cacao does not produce a hallucinogenic experience. The spirit of this plant focuses on a more subtle level of inner shifts and expansions.

By opening the heart, cacao allows one to connect to their truest self. Providing space to process and release blockages, while realigning with the medicine we hold within. Cacao ceremonies help us to turn inwards, learn more about ourselves and explore our paths.

Gathering together in this medicine ceremony involves allowing the spirit of cacao to guide us inwards. From this sacred space, we sip cacao, share wisdom, explore sound healing + meditation, connect to our creativity & receive clarity + healing.


What Happens If It Rains?

While we intend to have comments of this gathering outside, should the weather not align we will come up with another plan and move the event solely inside for the day.

We both look forward to connecting and holding space with you




If you have any questions or seek additional information
please connect via email