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I honour and acknowledge that education stems from many different places. Many components of my identity and privilege have allowed me access to formal education throughout my life, leading me to gather specific credentials. And yet, many of my most profound learnings have taken place within the containers of guides who hold wisdom far beyond formal education. 


Gathering knowledge is a lifelong journey that continues to guide me in returning to my unique medicine. 

Formal Education

MC - Master of Counselling (In-Progress)

City University, Vancouver 2022-2023

BA - Bachelor of Social Work

Nicola Valley Institute of Technology, Vancouver 2019-2021


Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (500 Hours In-Progress)

Whole Body Paradigm, Port Moody 2022-2023

Somatic Movement Teacher Training (30 Hours)

Jungle Dance, Online 2022


Foundations: Narrative Therapy Practice Training (30 hours)

Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy, Vancouver 2021

Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training (200 Hours)

Sattva Yoga Academy, Rishikesh, India 2019

Clinical Hypnotherapist (300 hours)

Coastal Academy of Hypnotic Arts, Vancouver 2018

Professional & Personal Development Courses


Sex & Trauma: Helping Clients Move Beyond Trauma and Reclaim Their Sexuality

Allura Centre, Online 2023

Business as a Spiritual Journey

Asia Suler, Online 2022

Healing Trauma & Addiction

Gabor Mate, 2021

Confronting Internalized Pleasure Oppression

Luna Dietrich, Online 2021

Sound Healing Facilitator Training

Melanie O'LearyNorth Vancouver 2020



Earth Medicine Mentorship Training

Melanie O'Leary, North Vancouver 2018 - 2020 


Intuitive Health Coaching,

College of Mind Body Spirit, Vancouver 2017 - 2018


Integrative Energy Healing

Langara College , Vancouver, 2016

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