Identify the energetic blocks preventing you from stepping forward and tap into the healing medicine you hold within.

In these sessions, I will provide an intuitive energy reading that highlights the current blocks you are working with, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We will then move into clearing these blocks using various practices and exercises, including but not limited to energy healing, ceremony & rituals, sound healing, hypnotherapy, and plant medicine.

Each soul medicine session is unique and tailored to the exact medicine your body and soul are calling for.


Reasons you may feel called to a Medicine Session:


Connection too oneself and the world surrounding 


Regrounding into the body and earth after periods of transition 


Shifting blocks and energy stuck within the body 


Clearing beliefs and experiences that are limiting movement forward


Gaining insight on decisions or paths to wander


spirit allies, animals


Calling in support for daily life


Retrieving pieces of yourself that may have slipped away


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Soul Medicine Sessions


Appointment Inquiry

Rates are $130 per visit, with sessions taking 90 - 120 minutes

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