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Medicine Sessions



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Identify the energetic blocks preventing you from stepping forward and tap into the healing medicine you hold within.


In these sessions, I will provide an intuitive energy reading that highlights the current blocks you are working with, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We will then move into clearing these blocks using various practices and exercises.


Each soul medicine session is unique and tailored to the exact medicine your body and soul are calling for.

For a list of the tools I use please see the sidebar. 


About Me: I am an intuitive energy reader, hypnotherapist, ceremony facilitator, kundalini meditation & breathwork teacher, and social worker. The wisdom I have gathered on this path has been from many incredible mentors and space holders, to which I am tremendously grateful.


I was exposed to loss and deep grief at a young age which led me to spent the last 12+ years deeply immersed in studying and practicing what healing looks like across every aspect of our humanness - physical, mental, spiritual, and social. This journey has been filled with countless avenues of knowledge, all of which I gently weave throughout my practice. The space that I hold is a reflection of my own personal self-discovery and healing path, along with the experiences shared with me by all those I have encountered through this practice.


My intention is to provide a space where the human experience is honoured, embracing not only the light but also the dark, while reconnecting the body, mind, and soul. After spending years studying a plethora of different healing modalities it became apparent to me just how many of us are disconnected - from those around us, the earth beneath us & from our own selves. In connecting through 1:1 sessions I hope to help others align with their truest selves and reconnect to their own innate ability to heal.


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