Hypnosis is a process of deep relaxation where one is able to better understand the thoughts, emotions & beliefs they hold.


It is used to make changes within the mind, providing a space for fears, emotions & beliefs to be shifted and looked at in a new light.



In a hypnotic state, the subconscious mind is able to come forward. From here we can alter previous programming and thought patterns that no longer serve us. In bypassing the conscious mind we have the ability to heal memories and create alternative neural pathways throughout the mind 



From tapping into the root of what is holding you back from healing, to becoming the most fulfilled version of yourself, hypnosis can be used to tap into the wisdom you hold within.

A few things

hypnosis can help with 



Fears & Phobias 

Belief Systems




Self Esteem 



Past Life Regression

Appointment Inquiry 


Sessions are tailored to the individual's goals and desired outcomes. 

Rates are $130 per visit, with sessions taking 90 - 120 minutes


During hypnosis you are always aware of what is happening; from where you are, to what you are saying - you are in complete control. It is through your willingness to enter a deep state of relaxation that changes take place within.


In-person appointments are held in Maple Ridge, Canada

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