C a c a o 

A  J o u r n e y  t o  t h e  H e a r t 

Cacao has been used ceremonially throughout South & Central America for thousands of years as a way to connect deeper into the heart space.


Unlike some plant medicines, cacao does not produce a hallucinogenic experience. The spirit of this plant focuses on a more subtle level of inner shifts and expansions.


By opening the heart, cacao allows one to connect to their truest self. Providing space to process and release blockages, while realigning with the medicine we hold within. Cacao ceremonies help us to turn inwards, learn more about ourselves and explore our paths.



W h a t  i s  a  C a c a o  C e r e m o n y?


This medicine ceremony involves gathering together in circle, allowing the spirit of cacao to guide us inwards. From this sacred space, we sip cacao, share wisdom, explore sound healing + meditation, connect to our creativity & receive clarity + healing.

P r e p a r a t i o n


- Gather an intention for the ceremony a few days prior


- Drink plenty of water the day before, the day of, and following the ceremony 


- Refrain from eating a large meal on the day of the ceremony. This helps you to soak in all of Cacao's magic offerings


W h a t  t o  b r i n g


- An offering for the plant wisdom - a flower, piece of fruit etc. 


- Items for comfort : blanket, pillow, extra sweater or socks


- A journal and pen 


- Any specical items/objects you would like to be energetically charged in circle

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